Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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Exclusive Star Wars: The Bad Batch Merchandise

What's not to love about the Clone Force 99 gang? Wrecker, Hunter, Echo, Tech and Crosshair are full representations of what we all adore about the entire Star Wars franchise: these characters do everything against all odds.

Difuzed decided to highlight this rebelliousness by creating a unique and exclusive line for the newest Star Wars animated series. Designed to capture the spunky attitude of modern young padawans out there, our collection features the coolest Star Wars merch for little boys everywhere.

From eye-catching hoodies, cool graphic t-shirts, and hip snapback caps, we've got you covered. Grab them now while stocks last!

Star Wars Wholesaler

Our expansive Star Wars catalogue is exclusively available for select retailers, distributors and webshops only. Difuzed is an official licensee of Star Wars merchandise. We work hard to provide our global client base with up-to-date and high-quality Star Wars apparel and clothing. That's why we make sure we launch new collections in time with the latest Star Wars movie and tv release. This way, you always carry what's hot!

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Exclusive Star Wars Merchandise just for you!

At Difuzed, we breathe everything Star Wars-related and we try to express that in our designs. The designs on our B2B webshop are available for general purchase by any of our retailers.

But if you'd like, we can design a Star Wars collection exclusive for you! Then you'll have something truly unique in your stores to offer to your clients! 

Contact us now to explore the possibilities!

As Yoda once said:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

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