Requisition lists at Difuzed

Our B2B order portal supports Requisition Lists. These lists make placing orders at Difuzed easy. But what are those lists exactly? And how do you use them? This article walks you through it.

What is a requisition list?

A requisition list is a list to which you can add products, similar as to how you'd add them to an online shopping cart. You can add quantities for each item you've added. You can then use the requisition list to quickly add products to your cart. You can have as many requisition lists as you'd like. 

Good examples of making use of these lists is if you have recurring orders or would like to select products for multiple orders at the same time. 

How to make a new requisition list.

There are two ways of making a new requisition list. One is by navigating to "My requisition lists" in your account and then clicking on "Create a new requisition list". Another way is on a product page. If you click the "Add to requisition list" button on a product, the website will ask you which lists to add it to or if you'd like to make a new list. 

When making a list, you can define a name for the requisition list and you can set a description for the list. You can change these names later if you'd like.

Adding products to your requisition list

Instead of adding a product to a cart, you can also add it to your requisition list. Click the button "add to requisition list" to add it. This button is always placed near the add to cart button. Depending on the device you're using to browse our order portal, it's mostly found just below the add to cart button.

When you add the product to a requisition list, you will be prompted to select a list or to create a new one.

Ordering from a requisition list

If you open  arequisition list from your account, you can see all items in the list. You can edit quantities if you'd like. If you want to add one or multiple products, you can select those products using the checkbox on the product. You can conveniently select all products with one click using the 'select all' button on top of the requisition list.

You can then click 'add selected products to cart' to have them added to your cart. If your cart is not empty, you will be prompted if you want to replace your cart (this discards all products in it!) or if you want to merge the cart. This will keep the cart and add the products from your requisition list to it. If you already have the same product in your cart, it will add the quantities to it.

Managing your lists

There are some handy features to manage your lists. If you open a list,these functions become available.

Change product quantities
You can change the quantities of products by entering a number in the Qty box. To save the list, click on the 'Update List' button on the bottom of the list.

Move or Copy products
You can copy or move products from one list to another. To do so, select the products and then either click on the "Move Selected" or "Copy Selected" and then select a list or create a new one. The move function removes them from your current list and moves them to the selected list. The copy function leaves the product(s) in your current list and copies them to the selected list.

Remove products
You can also remove products in the same way, by clicking the 'Remove Selected' button. 

Delete list
You can delete a list by the Delite Requisition List button. This removes the list permanently. 

Rename list
You can change the name and the description of a list by clicking on the 'Rename' button next to the name of the list.

Export List
A list can be exported to a CSV file. By clicking the 'Export' button, a download of a .csv file will start. This file contains the SKU and the Quantity on each row.

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