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MW632276SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Mixed Squish Fluffy Zip Around Wallet
MW842868SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Mixed Squish Fluffy Zip Around Wallet
MW838357SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Winston Fluffy Zip Around Wallet
MW408623SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cam Fluffy Zip Around Wallet
MW026343SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Fifi Fluffy Zip Around Wallet
GW288428FBS.jpg Warner - Fantastic Beasts - Girls  Wallet
GW562207RVR.jpg Riverdale - Zip Around Wallet
GW756073POK.jpg Pokémon - Ghost - Zip Around Wallet
GW621662SSQ.jpg Warner - Suicide Squad 2 - Girls Zip Around Wallet
GW421347BTM.jpg Warner - Bat Girl - Portrait - Zip Around Wallet
Pokémon - Pika Lettering - Zip Around Wallet Pokémon - Pika Lettering - Zip Around Wallet
GW234042POK.jpg Pokémon - Pikachu AOP Zip Around Wallet
GW613648STW.jpg Star Wars - Star Wars Classic Leah Zip Around Wallet
MW608833HPT.jpg Warner - Harry Potter - Gryffindor Girls Zip Around Wallet
MW122060STW.jpg Star Wars - Star Wars Classic  Zip Around Wallet
GW878712ASC.jpg Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Ladies Zip Around Wallet
GW887742POK.jpg Pokémon - Eevee AOP Zip Around Wallet
GW854187SNO.jpg Disney - Snow White -  Evil Queen Zip Around Walllet
GW783313STW.jpg The Mandalorian - The Child Zip Around Wallet
GW680745BAM.jpg Disney - Bambi - Zip Around Wallet
GW667830POK.jpg Pokémon - Pikachu Girls Zip Around Wallet
GW637673MUL.jpg Disney - Mulan - Ladies Zip Around Wallet
GW554448DCO.jpg Warner - Wonder Woman - Zip Around Wallet
GW517718MVL.jpg Marvel - Captain America AOP Zip Around Wallet
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Zip-around wallets featuring the brands you love

If men love bi-fold wallets, then women mostly prefer zip-around wallets. They have more space, and even have room for a lipstick! 

Our zip-around wallets are perfect for women who love to keep their essentials organized, while cheekily expressing their love for their favourite brands. From understated styles featuring Suicide Squad and Marvel superheroes to loud and bold designs with overall Pikachu art, we've got a diverse catalogue of wallets to choose from.

Difuzed's line of zip-around wallets for women and girls come as a part of a complete collection, so don't forget to check out each line so you can help your customers mix and match!

We always have our products in stock at our own warehouse. We can ship fast and make sure you've always got stock for everyone. 

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Accessories for every major fan

Do your customers love wearing clothing and accessories that represent their most beloved characters in movies, television, and gaming? You've come to the right place!

For over 20 years, Difuzed has become a one-stop-shop for high-quality, fashionable licensed merchandise for more than 200 global brands. We carry licenses for the biggest names like Disney, League of Legends, and Pokémon.

Our catalogue of versatile, fun, and trendy accessories are sure to strike a chord with any gaming and entertainment fan out there. From Harry Potter scarves and socks to Marvel wallets and caps, we've got everything you need to keep your customers happy and stylish.

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to contact your account manager. And if it's your first time here and want to know a few things before you create a company account, feel free to shoot us a message and we'd gladly answer all your questions!

Custom licensed merchandise from your favourite brands, exclusively for you!

Didn't find exactly what you're looking for? No worries! We can create a unique collection just for your stores!

Difuzed takes complete ownership of designing, producing, and distributing merchandise for the biggest entertainment and gaming brands in the world. Join our ever-growing client base, and start selling exclusive collections in your stores now!

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