On this page you'll find all of our beanies. We create the possibility for fans to get through the cold winter whilst wearing their favorite brands.

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KC630587STT.jpg Stranger Things - Men's Turn-up Beanie
KC641060AVG.jpg Avengers - Xmas Sherpa
KC362605STW.jpg The Mandalorian - Grogu - Turn up Kids Beanie (Novelty)
KC214477HNT.jpg Hunter X Hunter - Turn-up Beanie (Novelty)
KC575857SPN.jpg Venom - Men's Sherpa Beanie
KC421177POK.jpg Pokémon - Sherpa Beanie
KC341568POK.jpg Pokémon - Men's Slouchy Beanie (Generic Logo)
KC703737STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Reversible Slouchy Beanie
KC675577HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Men's Slouchy Beanie
KC846888STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Sherpa Beanie
KC325147SPN.jpg Venom - Men's Sherpa Beanie
KC452484HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Men's Sherpa Beanie
KC214216BTM.jpg Batman - Men's Sherpa Beanie
KC452444BTM.jpg Batman - Men's Slouchy Beanie
KC007484MVL.jpg Marvel - Men's Core Logo Slouchy Beanie
KC721212SPN.jpg Marvel - Venom Boys Beanie
KC570852HPT.jpg Harry Potter - Slytherin Turn-up Boys Beanie
KC512844STW.jpg Boba Fett - Boys Turn-up Beanie
KC813351BTM.jpg Warner - Red Hood - Logo - Men's Beanie
KC665374SPN.jpg Spider-Man - Xmas Sherpa
KC652746SKY.jpg Skyrim - Slouchy Beanie Emblem
KC586336MMA.jpg Disney - Maleficent 2 - Roll Up Beanie
KC508663MRR.jpg Disney - Marie - Beret Hat
KC427758LMR.jpg Disney - The Little Mermaid Ursula Beanie With Pom-pom
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Statement Beanies for Every Fan

We do love to give our customers variety. That's why you won't just see snapback caps or adjustable caps in our collections. We also make premium-quality beanies that will speak to every fan out there.

From cute beanies like "I am Groot" that's bound to make people laugh while you're wearing it, to cool and stylish Star Wars beanies that are just subtle enough to make you look twice, we've got a variety of beanies that are sure to appeal to every major fan out there. 

Don't forget to check out our adorable Christmas-themed Sherpa beanies, too. It's never too late to stock up on gift-worthy items, especially as they fly off our shelves as the season of gift-giving approaches!

Craving for more licensed merch? Check out our vast collection of exclusive, high-quality apparel here, featuring the most beloved characters in gaming and entertainment.

Exclusively-made beanies for your stores!

Looking for something more unique to your stores? Do you want something that speaks to your unique customers? You've come to the right place. We've collaborated with many stores and brands to create premium-quality and fashionable items that capture their unique brand image.

We can design caps exclusively for you. Whether you've got a hankering for a single item or a complete collection that captures your store's unique style, we've got you covered. Get in touch with us today and we'll work out the details!

Your one-stop-shop for the coolest licensed merchandise

For over the last 20 years, Difuzed has become a global leader in licensed gaming and entertainment merchandise. We are now proud to hold licenses for the most iconic brands in the world. From franchises like Star Wars and gaming giants like League of Legends, Difuzed is your one-stop shop for premium-quality and fashionable licensed entertainment apparel and accessories.

Every item we produce is born from our passion and love for these beloved games and their characters. As big entertainment and gaming fans ourselves, we understand that we're not just creating products that our clients could sell. We know that we must represent the history, values, and image of these popular brands as well.

We aim to create powerful mementoes that your customers will cherish. From concept, design iterations, to production, our goal is to create fashionable items that really capture each brand's feel and image.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on our global mission to bring nothing but the coolest licensed merchandise for all the hardcore fans out there! Check out our massive catalogue now!

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