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NH421668POK.jpg Pokémon - Winking Eevee Novelty Cap
NH445072POK.jpg Pokémon - Smiling Pikachu Novelty Cap
BA885111WOW.jpg World Of Warcraft - Alliance Men's Adjustable Cap
BA060223WOW.jpg World Of Warcraft - Men's Adjustable Cap
BA385184DNY.jpg Lilo & Stitch - Weird Stitch - Adjustable Cap
BA236721DNY.jpg Lilo & Stitch - Pineapple Stitch - Adjustable Cap
BA370874DNY.jpg Lilo & Stitch - Beach Day Stitch - Adjustable Cap
BA712347POK.jpg Pokémon - Pikachu Men's Adjustable Cap
SB090901FOT.jpg Fallout 4 - Nuka Cola Snapback
NH807821FOT.jpg Fallout 4 - Vault Boy Novelty Cap
BA576025POK.jpg Pokémon - Pikachu Men's Adjustable Cap
BA544838NRS.jpg Naruto Shippuden - Akatsuki Cloud Men's Adjustable Cap
SB641570NRS.jpg Naruto Shippuden - Tonal Akatsuki Cloud Men's Snapback Cap
BA580280BCH.jpg Bleach - Men's Adjustable Cap
BA141587NRS.jpg Naruto Shippuden - Akatsuki Clan Men's Adjustable Cap
SB751567BCH.jpg Bleach - Ichigo Men's Snapback Cap
BA035621BCH.jpg Bleach - Men's Adjustable Cap
FC200837SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Feelin' Mallow Novelty Bucket Hat
NH783815POK.jpg Pokémon - Fur/Teddy Bucket Hat - Jigglypuff
NH323512POK.jpg Pokémon - Bulbasaur - Trapper Hat (Novelty)
BA802710WTC.jpg CD PROJEKT RED - The Witcher Men's Adjustable Cap
BA587558WTC.jpg CD PROJEKT RED - The Witcher Men's Adjustable Cap
FC571162SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Mixed Squish Novelty Bucket Hat
SB841176ACL.jpg Assassination Classroom - Snapback Cap
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Licensed Headwear

If there's any piece of clothing perfectly placed and sized to boldly express our love of gaming or entertainment, it's headwear. You see sports lovers wearing caps or beanies with their favourite teams' logos. Just as you see gaming fans proudly wearing Dungeons and Dragons or League of Legends caps. Or girls wearing Harry Potter beanies and more.

Difuzed's wide assortment of caps, beanies, and hats feature the biggest names in gaming, entertainment, and anime. Perfect for your cap-collecting customers, you can order dozens of uniquely designed licensed headwear to cater to their unique styles.

So feel free to browse through our headwear catalogue and order your store's next bestseller! And don't forget to look through our premium collections of clothing, bags, and other accessories, too!

Want to add our product to your stores but don't have an account just yet? No worries, we can get you set up ASAP! Register for an account here and start ordering the best licensed caps and headwear out there!

Wholesale cap supplier

Difuzed offers a wide range of A-brand caps, beanies and other headwear to select retailers, distributors, and webshops. We deliver from our warehouse in Uitgeest, the Netherlands and carry all our listed products in stock. This ensures fast and on-time deliveries.

We can deliver in large or small quantities. Difuzed does not have a MOQ on the stock products. Apply for a wholesale account now and start ordering your headwear today!

Licensed snapback caps

Our most popular headwear product is our collection of snapback caps. These caps feature high-quality embroidery and custom prints. We carry major brands from the gaming and entertainment world, offering you the hottest options available. Check out all our brands over at our brands page. Difuzed caps are typically fast-moving products with a high margin for the retailer. 

When ordering in high quantities, we can provide you with POS material to display the caps in your store! Ask your account manager what the possibilities are. 

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