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LP273876NRT.jpg Naruto - Ninja Life - Men's Sweatpants
LP240017POK.jpg Pokémon - Pikachu Outline - Men's Jogger
SH483555NRT.jpg Naruto - Hero AOP Black - Men's (Swim) Shorts
LP355522HSB.jpg My Little Pony Girls Legging
LP211118STW.jpg SW The Mandalorian Boys Sweat pants
LP203170TOY.jpg Toy Story Boys Sweat pants
My little Pony AOP legging My little Pony AOP legging
LP540261JPK.jpg Universal - Jurassic Park Boys Jogger
LP777763STW.jpg Star Wars - Boys AOP Jogger
LP323258STW.jpg Boba Fett - Men's Sweat Pants
LP407085SKY.jpg Skyrim - Men's Jogging Pants
LP245567BTM.jpg Batman - Boys Jogger
LP854274STW.jpg Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter - Boys Jogger
LP771512BTM.jpg Warner - Robin - Jogging Pants
SH805107SPC.jpg Warner - Space Jam - Basketball Boys Shorts
SH874732SPC.jpg Warner - Space Jam - Basketball Men's Shorts
LP731157STW.jpg Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Wrecker - Boys Jogger
LP364236HLK.jpg Marvel - Hulk Boys Jogging Pants
Warner - Batman - Caped Crusader Track Pants Warner - Batman - Caped Crusader Track Pants
SH853670POK.jpg Pokemon - Men's Swimshort
SH582173JPK.jpg Jurassic Park - Men's Swimshort
SH845861HPT.jpg Harry Potter - Men's Swimshort
SH211688POK.jpg Pokemon - Men's Swimshort
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Premium Licensed Trousers and Shorts

Favouring comfort more over style? Your customers no longer have to compromise. At Difuzed, we make sure our licensed merchandise are designed to feel good while turning heads on the streets. From super comfy sweatpants to eye-popping basketball shorts, we include trendy bottoms in every major collection we launch!

Get funky with Robin-inspired Batman jogging pants. Play in style with a pair of cool Space Jam basketball shorts. Perfect for both exercise and lounging around, we've got everything your customers need to stay in comfort and on-trend.

We always have our products in stock at our own warehouse. We can ship fast and make sure you've always got stock while the hype lasts!

Licensed Merchandise Wholesaler

Our licensed merchandise is exclusively available for select retailers, distributors and webshops only.

Want to add our products to your stores? Contact Difuzed today to set up an account and start making your orders! Our team will happily assist you and we'll review your application as soon as possible.

We partner with over 200 of the biggest entertainment and gaming brands to create trendy and high-quality apparel and accessories. Difuzed takes ownership of the whole production process, which starts from concept to production. Our team is extremely dedicated and passionate about the brands we represent. 

So if you're looking for something that's unique and completely represents "you,"  we can help! We'll design a collection exclusively for you! We can design an entire licensed merchandise collection for you, or we can design one single item, like a pair of basketball shorts or even an a cap! Then you'll have something truly unique in your stores to offer to your customers!

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