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BP512647VEN.jpg Marvel Spider-Man - Venom Backpack
LB052342DNY.jpg Lilo & Stitch - Cute Stitch - Rounded Ladies Hangbag
BP514824SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Backpack (AOP)
BP173477NRT.jpg Naruto Classic - Backpack
BP157835NRS.jpg Naruto Shippuden - Backpack
MP636370DNY.jpg Lilo & Stitch - Mini Backpack
MP603101DNY.jpg Lilo & Stitch - Cute Stitch - Novelty Mini Back Pack
MP428173SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cameron Mini Backpack
MP316624DNY.jpg Lilo & Stitch - Beach Day Stitch - Novelty Mini Back Pack
BP878026POK.jpg Pokémon - Pikachu Backpack
BP218324POK.jpg Pokémon - Backpack (AOP)
BP206181POK.jpg Pokémon - Gengar Backpack (AOP)
BP004246POK.jpg Pokémon - Backpack (AOP)
CB617782SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Lola Make-up Bag
MP810053POK.jpg Pokémon - Novelty Mini Backpack - Bulbasaur
MP544127POK.jpg Pokémon - Novelty Mini Backpack - Snorlax
CB862584SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Mixed Squish Make-up Bag
CB822875SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Fifi Make-up Bag
CB021858SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cameron Make-up Bag
CB518820SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Feelin' Mallow Make-up Bag
LT758740SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Fifi Tote Bag
LT277406SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cameron Tote Bag
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Licensed Bags

Shop for Licensed Bags at Difuzed and get the best deal! Replace the dreary schoolbags with something more fun, like our waist bags or our all over print backpacks. All our bags are made of high quality and created with the best materials. We have a wide range when it comes to bags. From Pokémon to Marvel, there is always something you like!

Difuzed Backpacks

The best back to school Difuzed backpacks from brands like Disney, Xbox, Marvel and many more! Discover our licensed backpacks and them now from stock! We have cute backpacks to fit your style and fun bags to match your personality. Why a boring bag when you can get one of our fun licensed character bags? 

Iconic Messenger Bags 

The Messenger Bag is the ideal bag for work, school or a weekend away. Our Messenger Bags are designed for everyday use and it's always helpfull to have one. The bag is easy to use and has a lot of space to store your laptop or other stuff. Order from a wide range of bags and find out how helpfull this bag will be!

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