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The iconic world of Star Wars awaits you year-round! Fans can celebrate their beloved characters, from classic names like Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett to newer favorites like Din Djarin and Grogu.

Difuzed offers the largest selection of officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, always in stock! So, choose your favorites and provide your customers with premium apparel and accessories throughout the year, not just on May the 4th!

May the force be with you!

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TS850723STW.jpg Star Wars - Logo Men's Short Sleeved T-shirt
KW368163STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Christmas Jumper
KC703737STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Reversible Slouchy Beanie
KC846888STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Sherpa Beanie
GS885283STW.jpg Star Wars - Women's Core Logo Giftset (Beanie & Knitted Gloves)
DB708446STW.jpg Star Wars - Sportsbag
TS448575STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Oversized Fit Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS555030STW.jpg Star Wars - Stormtroopers Women's Regular Fit Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS221086STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Regular Fit Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS488274STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Oversized Fit Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS724681STW.jpg Star Wars - Darth Maul Women's Cropped Short Sleeved T-shirt
HD061135STW.jpg Star Wars - Darth Vader Regular Fit Men's Zipper Hoodie
BP417171STW.jpg Star Wars - Villains Backpack
SB511454STW.jpg Star Wars - Villains Snapback Cap
BA371827STW.jpg Star Wars - Villains Adjustable Cap
SB303557STW.jpg Star Wars - Villains Snapback Cap
MW335827STW.jpg Star Wars - Darth Vader Bifold Wallet
SB060867STW.jpg Star Wars - Snapback Cap
MP513348STW.jpg Star Wars - Backpack (Smaller Size)
BA802156STW.jpg Star Wars - Men's Adjustable Cap
NH885306STW.jpg Star Wars - Darth Vader  - Novelty Cap With Cape
LP777763STW.jpg Star Wars - Boys AOP Jogger
Star Wars - Boys AOP Hoodie Star Wars - Boys AOP Hoodie
TS464314STW.jpg Star Wars - Grogu - Boys Short Sleeved T-shirt
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Star Wars merchandise

Officially licensed apparel and accessories from your favourite universe far, far away. No matter which Star Wars character or timeline your customers love, we've got a plethora of collections for you to choose from.

From Star Wars hoodies featuring evergreens like Luke Skywalker to graphic t-shirts for newest releases like Star Wars: The Bad Batch, we've got you covered. Don't forget to check out our range of gifts items and accessories, too.

We have our ears on the ground and we release coinciding collections for each Star Wars movie and series release. Want to stay ahead of the game? Sign up for our newsletter below to get info on the latest Star Wars merch releases by Difuzed. This way, you ensure you're always carrying the hottest Star Wars items out there.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian season 2 might feel like it's light-years away, but the hype is definitely staying as hot as a Tatooine day. Difuzed has just released a new The Mandalorian collection featuring your favorite duo in the galaxy.

Delight your customers with a Grogu novelty cap complete with twitchy ears, or cater to those of more subtle tastes with our array of comfy and understated The Mandalorian t-shirts.

Check out the collection now!

Star Wars wholesaler

Our Star Wars products are exclusively available for select retailers, distributors, and webshops only. Is it your first time here? Don't worry, our dedicated team can get you set up so you can start ordering ASAP. Get in touch with us today!

If you want to stay up-to-date with our newest and hottest Star Wars merch releases, sign up for our newsletter below. We always drop new collections every week, so don't miss out!

May the force be with you

At Difuzed, we breathe everything Star Wars-related and we try to express that in our designs. The designs on our B2B webshop are available for general purchase by any of our retailers.

But if you'd like, we can design a Star Wars collection exclusive for you! Then you'll have something truly unique in your stores to offer to your clients! 

Contact us now to explore the possibilities!

As Yoda once said:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

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