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KC675577HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Men's Slouchy Beanie
KC452484HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Men's Sherpa Beanie
SB061466HSB.jpg Magic: The Gathering - Men's Snapback Cap
TS354521HSB.jpg Magic The Gathering - Ashiok - Men's Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS316147HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS225667HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS188317HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Men's Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS450048HSB.jpg Magic The Gathering - Mana - Men's Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS452457HSB.jpg Magic The Gathering - Teferi -  Men's Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS030282HSB.jpg Magic The Gathering - Jace Beleren - Men's Short Sleeved T-shirt
BP415104HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - AOP Backpack
TS700607HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - AOP Short Sleeved T-shirt
BA128703HSB.jpg Magic: The Gathering - Men's Adjustable Cap
CR255872HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Crew Socks (3Pack)
SB157237HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Men's Snapback Cap
MW318472HSB.jpg Magic: The Gathering - Bifold Wallet
CR128625HSB.jpg Magic: The Gathering - Men's Crew Socks (3Pack)
BA127442HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Men's Adjustable Cap
MW551380HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Bifold Wallet
TS607047HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS760108HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Premium Short Sleeved T-shirt
TS142478HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Short Sleeved T-shirt
MW608626HSB.jpg Dungeons & Dragons - Bifold Wallet
TS204720HSB.jpg Magic: The Gathering - Men's Short Sleeved T-shirt
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Licensed Hasbro Merchandise

The Hasbro brand is almost synonymous with the term "board game." In this ultra-modern time of virtual reality and expansive world-building, games like Lego, Magic The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons allow fans around the world to cling to the classic gaming days of their childhood.

That's exactly the reason why Hasbro gaming merch remains hot in the market. At Difuzed, we do something different though: we give these classic styles a modern and trendy twist. From bold Transformer graphic t-shirts to understated Dungeons and Dragons caps, we've got everything you need to cater to those old-school customers of yours.

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Dungeons and Dragons Wholesaler

At Difuzed, we work with the best gaming and entertainment brands to bring the trendiest and highest-quality licensed merchandise in the world. From concept to production, we bring passion and thought into every product to create. Our D&D gifts items and merchandise are exclusively available for select retailers, distributors and webshops only.

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The best gaming merchandise available

Are your clients huge gaming fans? Then you've come to the right place. Difuzed creates officially licensed merchandise for some of the biggest and most popular global gaming brands. From Super Mario to League of Legends, we produce everything from novelty caps, graphic t-shirts, to hoodies.

If you're looking for something more unique to you and your brand, we can also create a unique item or complete collection just for your stores! Difuzed has over 20 years of experience partnering with companies like yours. So we know what it takes to be your one-stop-shop for all your exclusive gaming merch needs.

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