Dive into Cuteness Overload!

Unveiling the much-awaited Squishmallows Collection, we present an enchanting fusion of cuteness and convenience.

Be captivated by a delightful array of accessories featuring our beloved characters. Our latest line-up boasts an assortment of backpacks, tote bags, keychain bags, coin purses, and plush caps, all meticulously crafted to elevate your style quotient.


Items 1-24 of 41

Set Descending Direction
LT542334SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Winston Tote Bag
FC181114SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cameron Novelty Bucket Hat
MP244843SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Lola Plush Mini Backpack
MP556677SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Winston Plush Mini Backpack
MP650773SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cam Novelty Mini Backpack
NH005458SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Feelin' Mallow Novelty Cap
NH022801SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cameron Novelty Cap
NH542558SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Fifi Novelty Cap
LT404812SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cailey Tote Bag
MP443467SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Mix Squish Novelty Mini Backpack
MP561810SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Hans Novelty Mini Backpack
PC872241SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Mixed Squish Pencil Case
NH846185SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Winston Novelty Cap
PC115374SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Lola Pencil Case
FC788815SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Winston Novelty Bucket Hat
FC835000SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cailey Novelty Bucket Hat
MP887327SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Bubba Novelty Mini Backpack
NH181371SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Lola Novelty Plush Caps
NH532743SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cailey Novelty Cap
PC154687SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Bubba Pencil Case
PC236413SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Hans Pencil Case
PC635031SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Winston Pencil Case
LT277406SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Cameron Tote Bag
LT758740SQM.jpg Squishmallows - Fifi Tote Bag
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